18 Jan

Master Bedroom with built-in closets

Like many old houses missing closet space, this project was designed to address this issue. At this same time, we addressed many issues such as adding insulation and vapour barrier into the empty wall cavities.  The two existing closets (including the non-functioning triangular shaped closet) were removed and replaced with big box wall to wall closet kit.  In this case Ikea's PAX units were customized to fit the space.  Fresh drywall, new windows, new walnut floor, trim, prime and paint.


18 Jan

Front Walkway & Landscaping

A river runs through it.  Water always wins. 

This was a loosing battle and the concrete lost.  Sloping concrete walkway directing rainwater towards an old brick foundation.  In addition, part of the walkway was previously dug up for a repair and poorly patched with cement, resulting in a spalling icy low spot in the winter. 

The answer lied in the complete removal of the concrete walkway in its entirety.  Proper sloping away from the foundation into a natural swale 10' grading away from the house.  New front pathway from the porch to the street lined with natural flagstone sourced from Wiarton Ontario.  Stepping flagstone path added for side access to allow for maximum drainage.  Retaining wall with weeping tile added to complete the front yard transformation.

18 Jan

Project: The Front Hall

The main complaint of the front hall closet was that it was not functional. The doorway was tight and the closet was two hanging rods deep.  Meaning anything placed on the back rod was never seen again.  

Besides the closet, there were other issues that needed to be addressed including rotted wood flooring near the front door caused by years of wet boots and shoes, worn/loosen flooring in the hall and pealing painted wall paper.

The fix:

New window   
Fixed damaged floor
Layed new walnut flooring
Removed painted wall paper 
Primed and painted

17 Jan

Stairs: A squeaky and worn tale

Project description:

The stair treads were worn and loose causing excessive squeaking. In addition to the main complaint of squeaky stairs, closer inspection revealed the threads had begun to split in a few places creating a significant splinter hazard. Besides the stairs themselves, the project also included sprucing up the rest of the stairwell including removing the painted wall paper (yuk! please don’t paint wallpaper… It looks terrible!!)

Bottom line: The stairs have served its purpose for many families over its 90 year lifespan but they were overdue for a complete remodel with brand new stair treads.

The renovation:
•New maple stair treads
•New maple ply risers
•Repaired landing (poor previous repair)
•New walnut hardwood on landing
•Sanded,primed and painted banisters and risers
•Sanded, stained and clear coated stair treads
•Removed painted wallpaper
•Repaired cracks and nicks in plaster walls
•Primed and painted ceiling and walls

17 Jan

The Pink Room: A Bedroom Remodelling Story

This room began with very pink walls.  

Other complaints besides the choice of colour included:
-squeaky loose floor
-cold room (no insulation)
-leaky old aluminum windows
-Old beaten up trim covered in layers of lead paint
-Painted peiling wallpaper

The transformation included:
-Added Roxul insulation to the empty wood stud wall cavities
-Added sound insulation to the "shared wall"
-New walnut 3/4" hardwood flooring
-New PVC double glazed double hung window
-New wood trim for baseboards, window and door casings in original craftsman style
-Fresh coats of primer and paint