17 Jan

Stairs: A squeaky and worn tale

Project description:

The stair treads were worn and loose causing excessive squeaking. In addition to the main complaint of squeaky stairs, closer inspection revealed the threads had begun to split in a few places creating a significant splinter hazard. Besides the stairs themselves, the project also included sprucing up the rest of the stairwell including removing the painted wall paper (yuk! please don’t paint wallpaper… It looks terrible!!)

Bottom line: The stairs have served its purpose for many families over its 90 year lifespan but they were overdue for a complete remodel with brand new stair treads.

The renovation:
•New maple stair treads
•New maple ply risers
•Repaired landing (poor previous repair)
•New walnut hardwood on landing
•Sanded,primed and painted banisters and risers
•Sanded, stained and clear coated stair treads
•Removed painted wallpaper
•Repaired cracks and nicks in plaster walls
•Primed and painted ceiling and walls