18 Jan

Landscaping Project: Flagstone Patio and Pathway

Making outdoor spaces beautiful, relaxing, fun, green, inviting, safe to navigate and liveable.  

Flagstone for the garden pathway and stairs sourced from Wiarton, Ontario - home of Willie!

Gardens were also expanded and planted with shade loving plants.

18 Jan

Front Walkway & Landscaping

A river runs through it.  Water always wins. 

This was a loosing battle and the concrete lost.  Sloping concrete walkway directing rainwater towards an old brick foundation.  In addition, part of the walkway was previously dug up for a repair and poorly patched with cement, resulting in a spalling icy low spot in the winter. 

The answer lied in the complete removal of the concrete walkway in its entirety.  Proper sloping away from the foundation into a natural swale 10' grading away from the house.  New front pathway from the porch to the street lined with natural flagstone sourced from Wiarton Ontario.  Stepping flagstone path added for side access to allow for maximum drainage.  Retaining wall with weeping tile added to complete the front yard transformation.