Q – Why only the weekends?
A – At this time due to family obligations, I am only available to schedule work on weekends. I plan to eventually switch to a weekday schedule a couple years down the road!

Q – Who does the actual renovation work?
A – I will personally do all work unless there is a need to bring in a specialized tradesperson for specific tasks, for which I will project manage.

Q – What is the minimum charge/job?
A – 3 hours of work ($150) Bundle smaller job if need be!

Q – Do you offer free quotes or estimations?
A – Yes, I offer free estimations. For small projects (1 day’s work or less) I will make an estimation once at the project site. Photographs taken by the homeowner are helpful for project pre-assessments.

Q – Can you help me complete my renovation project as I can’t complete it alone? (Or don’t know how to complete the project)
A – You bet, let’s work together on getting your project finished!